You Can Be a Stock Market Genius

You Can Be a Stock Market Genius: Uncover the Secret Hiding Places of Stock Market Profits
Joel Greenblatt

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This book doesn’t have all the famous recommendations nor is it a classic. It also has perhaps the most gimmicky title of any book I’ve ever read but Joel Greenblatt provides a thorough overview of many event-driven investments and various strategies that would aide anyone that is developing as an investor. It gives a you a look into LEAPS and options and a good time to use them. It gives you a look at various special situations like spin-offs, mergers, risk arbitrage , restructurings, rights offerings , bankruptcies, liquidations, and asset sales. This is the book that got me on my feet first as an investor and from the concept to actually learning to search for value. Greenblatt discuses where to look for ideas and areas and reasonings that you can find an edge in the market. When my mind was first blown by the Intelligent Investor conceptually I had no idea what to do in the stock market or where to find these ideas. This book does an excellent job of getting you thinking in a mannerism that will find investment ideas with value.