What to Invest In

What to Invest In

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Hopefully you’ve started with How do I invest and continued to Invest Correctly and then finally arrived here.

You’ve read our previous guides. You have some clue. You know you should go check out all our books in the Reccommended Reading. But you wonder still, I don’t know what to invest in.

I hate to break it but there is no magic solution to finding companies

My greatest investments have not required any complex mathematics and didn’t require any key insight I found buried in some financial document. I simply bought when others were fearful. I bought stocks at very low price to book ratios and very low price to earnings. I bought stocks that my mentors had bought. The market was negative that it didn’t matter.

Today I read sites like investcorrectly.com, follow people on twitter. I read everything. I read Barrons, I read the Wall Street Journal. I read Businessweek. I read every article that comes online. The key to compounding money is to compound knowledge.

But I don’t really pay much attention to the stock prices unless something appears to be out of whack. There are no stock tickers at Berkshire Hathaway.

I’ll leave you with this. The best way to find investments is to scour the earth with a desire for knowledge of all things business. Focus on your circle of competence and don’t follow the crowd. Learn the industries you love. Learn how to evaluate companies. Learn who the best CEOs are. Learn the scuttlebutt in the industry. Be patient. Don’t overpay. There’s things I continually stalk like a predator hoping for an opportunity. Maybe it will come Maybe it won’t but I could act fast if the market gave me the opportunity.