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Tagged: SPY

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) 0

Friday Link Dump: AAPL, GLD, SPY, GM, BAC

Here’s the Friday Link Dump. Quick bites on what’s going on! Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) issued $1.04 billion second round of Australian Bonds. The company first raised A$2.25 billion in Australian Bonds in August of 2015. Apple...


A Look at The Harvard Business Review Best CEO of 2014

The multinational corporation Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position can be one of the most challenging leadership positions in the world. As global companies expand the reach of their products and services, the pressure on...


Fairfax continues large bearish bet; sells out of Wells Fargo, Johnson and Johnson and US Bancorp

Fairfax’s annual letter which is available here was filled with interesting nuggets. We previously looked at his walk through the Blackberry situation but also very interesting was what the Warren Buffett of Canada did with...


Index PEs and Earnings and Dividend Yields

For our retirement accounts and those that index it’s always important to monitor the Price to Earnings ratios and Earnings Yields and Dividend Yields and compare them to the risk free rates. Currently the...