How to Invest

How to Invest



How to Invest Correctly and use Index Funds and Begin your Investing Education How do I Invest

You’ve come to the right place for our assorted volume of learning how to invest content. We have content for those learning to select companies and for those learning to select funds and invest in their retirement.

At Invest Correctly we have a variety of articles to get you the path depending upon your investing goals whether you be someone that wants to learn how to value invest or simply pick the best funds for your retirement. Investing and how to compound comes in many different shapes and funds.

This is the place to begin to learn how to invest. If you have have a 401k, IRA (Individual Retirement Account) or you’re looking for the best way to invest 10K. The articles below have the content to set you straight. The best way for most people to participate in the stock market is to index. Selecting individual securities is much more involved.

The first thing I do when people ask me what to invest in is strongly discourage them from investing in individual securities in any mannerism. Most people would be best suited to simply read our How to Invest and learn how to deploy index funds. For the true enterprising investor your work will never be done.

The formula I truly believe in is the Warren Buffett method which he describes as 85% Benjamin Graham and 15% Philip Fisher. But the gist of it comes down to being a learning machine. Going to bed smarter then you were when you woke up is the key to successful investing. There is no shortcut to make a lot of money. I’ve learned everything I’ve learned about investing and how to invest by studying the best. I read what Warren Buffett said to read, which led to me to Graham and Fisher, and each day you continually compound knowledge about business and how it works.

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