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Ode to IBM 2015 Roadmap

IBM 2015 Roadmap IBM finally realized that the 2015 Roadmap wasn’t working out. The 2015 Roadmap and strict adherence to it was going to compromise the investment and dedication to customer that they need going...

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Sears responds to buzz that Vendors’ Insurance Uneasy

According to Bloomberg: Three of the biggest insurance firms for Sears Holdings (SHLD)’s suppliers are seeking to reduce coverage, prompting at least one medium-sized vendor to halt shipments to the department-store chain, people with knowledge...

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Sears sets the record straight

Given our previous questions on Sears’ short term loan, we feel it necessary to post Sears Holdings response: Visit “Setting the Records Straight Just the Facts” as written by CFO  Rob Schriesheim, of Sears Holdings.

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Sears’ Bridge loan raises concerns

“As we have commented, we believe that we have ample liquidity to run the business and also have the benefit of access to a rich portfolio of assets.” Robert A. Schriesheim, Executive Vice President...

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A look at Valeant Pharmaceuticals

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International (VRX) Commentary on five year developments in the balance sheet, sales, cash flow, per share earnings trends. Valeant is a multinational specialty pharmaceutical and medical device company. CEO J. Michael Pearson...

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A look ahead at Blackberry’s Passport

Blackberry Passport attempts to redefines how a smartphone display should be for optimal productivity We’ve heard a lot about resolution, and Retina HD displays but Blackberry has taken a different tact. Apparently modern smartphones...


A look at John Malone’s Liberty Media

Liberty Media Corp. (LMCA) (LMCB) (LMCK) OVERVIEW: Liberty Media Corp is, for all intents and purposes, a holding company consisting primarily of the following assets, with the majority of it’s operations defined by “media...