Quick Bytes Tuesday, June 21st: OPK, AAPL, BAC, FB, BREXIT, HLF

A quick digest of what’s hot and trending for Tuesday, June 21st. Here are your quick news bytes (yes we know it is bites) to get you caught up quickly with some interesting reads:

  1. FDA has approved Opko Health Inc.(NYSE:OPK)‘s Rayaldee which is an extended release capsule for the treatment of patients with secondary hyperparathyroidism in adults with stage 3 or 4 chronic kidney disease. The product will launch later this year. (SeekingAlpha)
  2. Motek Moyen on SeekingAlpha believes Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) should starve iLoyalists and increase the iPhone Refresh cycle. He disagrees with another author’s view that Apple might shorten the redesign cycle and thinks going the opposite direction is the right call. A longer cycle would give Apple more time to unload inventories without resorting to deep discount. (SeekingAlpha)
  3. The Fed will post stress test results minutes before U.K. polls shut. Bloomberg writes that few banks face as much pressure as Bank of America Corp(NYSE:BAC) as the potential for gain in large. The company could raise its shareholder payouts as much as 63 percent for passing the stress test which makes this a makes this a make or break year. (Bloomberg)
  4. Khojinur Usmonov looks at the Cons and Pros of Brexit. The pros start with the fact the Euroepan Union costs the United Kingdom 350 million pounds a week, or $26.2 billion a year.  The cons begin with the auto industry which would particularly be at risk. (SeekingAlpha)
  5. Carmax missed on EPS posting $0.90, instead of the expected $0.92, and missed on Revenue of $4.13B, which was $60 million lower then expected. (SeekingAlpha)
  6. Shareholders voted to keep Zuckerberg in charge of Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB). The company will issue two shares of Class C for every Class A and B share held. The move is effectively a 3 to 1 split and will allow Zuckerberg to keep control despite donating shares. (Benzinga)
  7. Bill Ackman released the first in a series of videos illustrating the predatory recruiting practices of Herbalife Ltd.(NYSE:HLF). The move comes in response to a web site www.therealbillackman.com made by HerbalLife, which rails against the fund manager and calls his legacy riddled with losses. The move continues the back and forth between HerbalLife and Ackman. Ackman has a position in puts betting against HerbalLife as a pyramid scheme. (SeekingAlpha)

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