Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL): Everything You Need to Know About WWDC 2016

Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL)‘s 2016 WWDC was the 27th year anniversary and included more than 5000+ total attendees from more than 74 countries. There were 110+ sessions and 150+ labs. Some of the most compelling developments may be in Apple Music, WatchOS 3 and OS X. Read on for details. All the videos are available here. Here’s a quick rundown of everything that went on in case you missed it.

Apple Music

Apple Music enjoys 15M paid subscribers and has benefited from a complete new redesign from the ground up. Clarity and simplicity are the goals, ensuring the “music is the hero.” Apple Music had earned the designation as the fastest growing service in its first year.

The familiar, intuitive interface emphasizes features used every day. When you open the app, the first tab is the “library.” You can review the recently added albums, songs, playlist and lyrics in the library. A new section called “Downloaded Music” has been added. The Browse tab allows for easy navigation, new music, curated playlists and top charts. With “View All Stations,” users can find genre-based stations.

WatchOS 3

The Apple Watch has upgraded from OS 2 to OS 3, delivering speeds that are 7x faster. The key target has been performance.

Your glance-able and interactive apps are kept in the memory and can be added to the dock. Your three favorite apps can respond instantly. The watch face now has a “Control Center.”

You can swipe to switch between analog, chronograph and digital watch face versions. You can also add more “Complications” to the face. The addition of “SOS” can be used with iPhone or Wifi to find help quickly.

“Activity sharing” is the added social media feature, allowing communication via messages. Wheelchair-friendly features have been improved, along with the new app called “Breathe.” The preview release was during WWDC and there is a free upgrade for all users in Fall 2016.


In Fall 2016, the Apple tvOS was expanded to more than 1,300 video channels. This is an increase of 6k native apps in just 7 months. Sling offers live TV channels offering the first bridge to a solution that can replace Cable TV services. FX Sports will allow viewing 4 games on 1 screen.

A new version of the Remote App, to be controlled via iPhone, is coming. A new feature called “Live Tune-In” will be coming to Apple TV and the iPad. You can also use the new feature “Single Sign-On” to control all your Apple network apps. TvOS will be a  free upgrade in Fall 2016.

OS X now know as macOS

For 15 glorious years, the name has been “OS X” but change is the only constant. The new name for the OS X will be macOS, with the code-name for the next edition being Sierra. A Universal Clipboard has been added. The Universal Clipboard enhances the traditional copy and paste functionality enabling users to automatically copy text, photos, and more from an iPhone or iPad, and instantly paste them on a Mac.

You can store 10B documents in iCloud Drive and your desktop files will be available anywhere. A additional new feature is a storage optimization that optimize storages by placing older files in the cloud.

Apple Pay will be available on the desktop for shopping online; it syncs with iPhone and Apple Watch.

Own an Apple Watch? Now you can unlock your desktop with “Auto Unlock” just via the proximity of the Apple Watch.

The public beta of macOS will be available in July 2016 with roll out in Fall 2016.

iOS 10

There was a developer preview of  iOS 10 shown off at WWDC, the public beta will be available July 2016 with roll out in Fall 2016. The user experience in iOS 10 features redesigned Lock and Home screens. Now, you can simply raise your smart phone to Wake. The 3D touch allows for clearing interactive notifications. Simply slide to reach Camera or Widgets.


Siri is everywhere handling more than 2B requests a week. Now you can search 650K movies and TV shows and even  YouTube using Siri. Multilingual typing has been added.

Siri is being opened up to developers: messaging, ride booking, photo search, workouts, payments, VoIP calling and Car Play are all supported. Soon Siri will be able to do more and more. With QuickType, the Siri intelligence is brought to the keyboard. Siri can provide geolocation too, what can’t she do?


Apple Photos has added face recognition, as well as object and scene recognition. There are 11B computations done per photo. Users can categorize photos using AI. The iPhone automatically edits memories based on user input.


There is an all new design for Apple Maps to provide more access and details on locations. Slide up to offer suggestions. You can filter selections along the bottom.

“Traffic on route” added to navigation. Zooming features offer more dynamic view. You can “Book a Ride” using Maps. Alternate routes will be added. Maps opened up to developers.


News was introduced in Fall 2015 with now more than 2K publications. There are 60M monthly users reading News.

The all-new News design has organized stories by category. Subscriptions will be introduced, along with “Breaking News.”


More home builders are getting on board with HomeKit. The goal is to take a big step for an iOS to create a Smart Home, called “Home.” You can personalize the app with your own wallpaper or accessories. With “Scenes,” it takes only one step to set your accessories.

HomeKit is built into Control Center. Users can sync their HomeKit with Apple TV for remote anywhere access.


The iPhone has added voicemail transcription now. A feature long found with Google Voice is now available for iPhone users. If you’re stuck in a meeting now you can get the gist of what a voicemail by glancing at your screen. You can use the Tencent app to check if a phone call is spam. There is a new VoIP API too. The VoIP apps integrate into your Lock & Home screens.


Messages is the most frequently used app on iOS and now you can add rich links. The Camera and Photos in Messages have been improved. The Emoji library is now 3x bigger. There are even Emoji predictions. Tap to replace Emoji-fiable words.

There will also be new Bubble effects added. Personalize your messages with handwritten text. Digital touch is supported, along with full-screen messaging. The iMessage Apps will also be opened up to developers.


Last December 2016, the powerful, yet simple and approachable Swift open source was released. WWDC has released a free iPad app called Swift Playgrounds. This is a fun way to learn to code with Swift. The public beta will be in July 2016 with app store release in the Fall of 2016.


Other developments at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2016 include Notes collaboration with live photo editing. You can get split view on your iPad Safari too.

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