Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Pays $10,000 To A 10-Year-Old Hacker

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) recently paid a $10,000 bounty to a hacker, but not the typical type. A 10-year-old Finnish boy discovered a security loophole in Instagram that allowed him to delete other users’ comments. The boy, identified only as Jani, became the youngest person ever to receive Facebook’s payout for hackers/researchers who help it identify and fix flaws in its social networks.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) doesn’t permit 10-year-olds to create accounts on its social media and it is not clear how Jani did it. But the outcome of Jani’s research on Instagram has helped Facebook fix a problem that could have cost it its reputation and perhaps users.

These days, social media users put a higher premium on their security and privacy and flaws that may allow infiltration of their accounts cause them to worry. That explains why Facebook takes the issue of security on its platforms seriously and continuously monitors the systems for flaws to fix them.

What was the flaw?

According to Finnish media, the security loophole that Jani identified in Instagram allowed him to bring down virtually any comment on the photo-sharing app. In other words, Jani discovered that he could alter a code on Instagram servers to delete posts that users published on the platform.

Because Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) doesn’t easily admit claims about loopholes in its social networks, the company asked Jani to prove his point and he did it. That triggered the $10,000 payout to the Finnish junior.

Instagram flaws

Several Instagram system flaws have recently been discovered. But not everyone who points Facebook to a flaw in its systems gets paid. For example, the company denied researcher Wes Wineberg a payment. It is believed Facebook thought Wineberg went too far to prove his point.

Total bounty payout

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has distributed over $4.3 million to some 800 whitehat hackers who helped it identify and fix security loopholes in its various Web and mobile properties. Last year, the company distributed about $0.94 million to 210 researchers who helped it to discover and fix bugs. Jani is said to be planning to spend his $10,000 reward on a new bicycle and football.

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