Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)’s Mustang Outshines GM’s Chevrolet Camaro

The battle is on for the control of the sports coupe market and the major contenders are Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)’s Ford Mustang and General Motors Company (NYSE:GM)’s Chevrolet Camaro. While many die-hards have strong preferences, how does the performance  compare so far? It turns out the Mustang is giving Chevrolet Camaro a serious run for its money both in the U.S. and international markets.

What about the look?

When comparing Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)’s Mustang against GM’s Chevrolet Camaro on the basis of design, the brand new design of the Mustang means that it offers the best looks. Although Chevrolet Camaro recently received a design update, the car’s look has remained much the same as the previous version.

What about the engine power and choice?

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)’s Mustang also appears to top GM’s Chevrolet Camaro when it comes to engine power. The entry-level Mustang comes with 23-litre turbocharged engine delivers 310 horse power. On the other hand, Chevrolet Camaro comes with 275 horses.

Mustang’s engine variables are a V6 3.7-litre offering 300 horse power and V8 5-litre offering 435 horses. The Chevrolet Camaro on the other hand boasts V8 3.6-litre offering 255 horse power and V8 6.2-litre offering 455 horses.

Who is selling more units?

In 2015, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)’s Mustang edged out GM’s Chevrolet Camaro in terms of sale. Ford sold about 140,000 Mustangs last year, making it the only sports coupe model to exceed sales of 100,000 units in the year.

In the U.S., Ford sold 12,563 units of Mustang in 2015, which was more than the combined sales of 12,248 units for Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger in that year. Mustang has been noticed to be particularly popular among millennials in the U.S.

International launch

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) took Mustang globally in 2015 and the sports coupe is currently available in 140 markets. However, demand in some international markets is so strong that the car has sold out in places like Australia.

Therefore, looking at last year’s data for Ford’s Mustang and GM’s Chevrolet Camaro, you see that Mustang is edging out the rival both domestically and internationally.

Neha Gupta

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