Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Remains A Favorite Of The Millennials

Multiple claims have been made in the recent times about Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) falling out of favor with young users. It almost seemed true when Facebook desperately sought to acquire Snapchat for a reported $3 billion. Things didn’t work out as Snapchat rejected the offer and fear escalated among investors about Facebook’s fading glory.

But as fresh data from ComScore show, claims that millennials are ditching Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is not true. Data from the renowned research firm reveal that Facebook has succeeded in attracting the young and the old in almost equal measures.

100% of millennials on Facebook

In the U.S., ComScore found that nearly 100% of people aged between 18 and 34 used Facebook as of Dec. 2015. Not only does Facebook’s main social network enjoying such a commanding lead in social media usage among young people, but its other Web/mobile properties are also attract a large number of millennials. For example, becoming immediately behind Facebook in millennials popularity as of Dec. 2015 was Instagram, with 65% of U.S. users between 18 and 34 being on it.

Are they using Facebook?

The question that often comes up when it has been proven that millennials are still strongly in favor with Facebook is whether they are actively using the service. ComScore’s data again offer insight into Facebook usage among young people.

In terms of usage, the data show that an average Facebook user in the U.S. spends no less than 1,000 minutes on the platform in a month. The only other social media enjoying massive usage in the U.S. is Snapchat, but it falls a distant second-place with just 400 minutes of average usage time.

Older people love Facebook too

The most contentious issue about Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s demographic has always been about millennials. However, Facebook excites the young nearly as much as it excites the old. According to ComScore’s data, more than 90% U.S. adults aged 35 years and above used Facebook as of Dec. 2015.

Facebook and properties

In terms of total time spent on a platform, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and its various properties such as Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram account for one in every five minutes people spend on their smartphones.

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