, Inc. (NYSE:CRM) Makes Shield Platform Better, Inc. (NYSE:CRM) continues to identify new ways to improve its encryption platform called Shield. In the latest development, the company has added real-time event monitoring to the platform, thus allowing organizations to further tighten regulation around their systems.

The monitoring service allows IT administrators to do real-time system audit. That means that the IT department can apply security settings such that alerts are sent out whenever a suspicious activity is detected. For example, if a user is performing actions that violate those preset system usage regulations, the IT admin can instantly interrupt the suspicious behaviors and restrict access where necessary.

Customization settings, Inc. (NYSE:CRM) also says that the event monitoring tools added to Shield are customizable. That means that the IT department can assign different privileges to different accounts. When a violation is detected, the system can be configured to initiate appropriate action. For example, Shield can immediately halt the session or alert the administrator of the suspicious activity.

In another case, the system can be set to require two-factor authentication from the user before they can perform certain actions. Notification alert can be fired in the event that a user is trying to export a large amount of files that are copyright protected.

Internal regulation, Inc. (NYSE:CRM)’s Shield is primarily designed to ensure tight enforcement of internal policies as well as industry regulations. It is particularly aimed at the rapidly evolving cloud environment., Inc. (NYSE:CRM) initially rolled out Shield in 2015 as a built-in bundle of services that support monitoring, encryption, auditing and archiving on Salesforce1.

Shield is a simplified tool that is easy to deploy and use. The addition of the event monitoring feature should boost the appeal of Shield.

Pricing, Inc. (NYSE:CRM) presently charges for Shield based on the total amount a customer spends on its other products. However, customers can also purchase components of Shield individually or as a bundle.

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