Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS)’s Coolest Invention Of 2015? It’s VertiGo, A Robot That Defies Gravity

There is an amazing piece of technology out of Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS)’s lab – called VertiGo. The four-wheel robot is capable of cruising in almost any kind of terrain. In a gravity defying fashion, VertiGo climbs and moves on walls the same way a spider would do, and it is not relying on some sort of sticky feet or magic, but physics.

Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) has hit multiple milestones in 2015, but VertiGo is arguably its coolest invention of the year. Engineers at Disney research in Zurich collaborated with ETH to come up with the amazing VertiGorobot.

VertiGo runs on four wheels and is equipped with two tiltable propellers, which are responsible for its ability to move on all kinds of terrains, including walls.

Moving on walls

The ability of VertiGo to move on walls rising vertically is enabled by the balance provided by its two tiltable propellers. One of the propellers provides thrust towards the wall and the other provides thrust in an upward direction. The result is a perfectly balanced machine that moves on the ground and climbs walls as the situation may demand. It is also important to point out that whether on the ground on a wall, VertiGo goes quickly.

Application cases

Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) is not currently discussing the plans it has for VertiGo. However, it is not difficult for one to figure out possible use cases for the all-terrain robot.

One of the potential application cases for VertiGo is in rescue missions. Because the robot can cruise on the ground and walls with such great speed, it can help with critical rescue situations. For example, a robot that defies all terrain odds can be great in tracing and delivering support to people trapped in a difficult situation.

Without a doubt, the creators of VertiGo at Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) may be having some great plans for it and 2016 may reveal more about its future.

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