Here Is What Facebook Inc (FB)’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg Has to Say on Free Basics

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, chose to address the critics about ‘Free Basics’, which was earlier called as The company sought to expand its presence in India inviting criticisms from the activists, as well as, the operators. The objective was to provide an Internet service to consumers where either broadband connection is not available or people cannot afford it. As a result, only limited number of services and websites were offered to minimize the expenditure of the consumers.

Released Full Page Ad

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s Zuckerberg selected the media to express his opinion about the net neutrality. The company issued a full-page ad in The Times of India wherein he stated that the platform was open to all developers. Aside from that, there was no ads and would only help the less fortunate users to experience the Internet. He charged the critics that they continued to spread incorrect claims even if his program helps a billion of people.

Critics charged the social media that its app was included in the service. Among others to include was, Wikipedia, Bing, AccuWeather,, and few others. They have claimed that the company’s program violated the net neutrality’s central tenets, which was to treat all users and content equally. They have charged that the program mirrored Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s commercial objectives.

Personal Appeal Is Part Of PR Effort

Zuckerberg appeal is treated more as a public relations tactics as the company has been running a campaign in Indian press seeking the readers’ support to digital equality. His campaign came on the heels of the Indian regulator asking the domestic operator to stop offering the service and wondered whether it was legal.

On its part, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has urged its users to voice their support by contacting the regulator. The CEO has got some support also. A novelist, Manu Joseph, said that the objection came from the masked elite section in the name of doing things right. The novelist said that it was the paid Internet, which was restrictive since it denied the portal to those who could not pay for it.

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