Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) To Produce the First Car with Corning (GLW)’s Gorilla Glass

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has figured out how to reduce weight in its 2016 Ford GT. The company will use Corning Incorporated (NYSE:GLW)’s Gorilla Glass in the car, allowing it to reduce the vehicle mass and weight. The adoption of Gorilla Glass in GT further provides Ford with an opportunity to meet the stringent carbon emissions and fuel economy standards in the GT without impacting the performance of the car.

Although it is not often cited, glass is a major mass contributor in vehicles. For example, in a model such as the Focus, glass adds about 80 pounds of weight. In Explorer, glass accounts for more than 100 pounds of the vehicles weight.

Because of the significant contribution of glass to vehicle mass and weight, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) is betting on glass technology to enable it produce more efficient cars. Using Gorilla Glass will enable Ford to lower the weight of GT by at least 12 pounds.

Tough glass

According to Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F), there are multiple benefits to using Gorilla Glass in the car. Besides the advantage of reduced vehicle mass, Gorilla Glass is hardened to withstand impacts. That means that the advanced glass will be more durable than glassed that Ford has used in its vehicles in the past.

Sharp view

Additionally, the technology used to cut and trim Gorilla Glass allows for more smooth cuts, thus resulting in better view through the glass even from extreme angles.

Gorilla Glass is widely used to harden smartphone displays to make the devices more resistant to scratches.

Ford GT

With the auto industry going through numerous changes, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) is trying its hands on multiple things to enable it produce vehicles for the future. GT model is widely seen as a testbed on which Ford will trial advanced technologies that it can escalate to adopt in its other vehicle models.

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