Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) Launches Drug-Driving-Suit As Part Of Road Safety Drive

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) does want to see its drivers or any other road users perish because of driving mistakes caused by drug usage. As such, the company has come up with what it calls Drug Driving Suit, which is a way to make sober drivers experience how it feels like to be under the influence of drugs while behind the wheel. Ford’s Drug Driving Suit is particularly geared towards trainee drivers.

Automakers are trying to be innovative to make their products safer, more comfortable and relevant in a rapidly evolving auto market. Towards that end, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has come up with a Drug Driving Suit, which makes drivers feel like they are high on something like cannabis while behind the wheel. The idea of Drug Driving Suit is to make trainee drivers aware of how drugs alter a person’s vision, body coordination and judgment when they are driving, thus increasing the risk of accident.

When a driver’s attention is distracted as a result of drug use, they are at least 30 times more likely to cause fatal accidents than when they are sober.

Discouraging drunk-driving

When accidents occur on the road because of drunk driving, for instance, not only is the driver’s life at risk but other road users are prone to life-threatening risks. That explains why Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) is keen to dissuade drivers from driving when they are under the influence of drugs, which can be beer, cocaine or marijuana.

Drug situation simulation

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)’s Drug Driving Suit was developed in collaboration with Germany’s Meyer-Hentschel Institute. The suit is designed in such a way that it simulates various drug intoxication situations that distract drivers on the road. For example, the Suit features lighting systems, googles and headphones among others that put drivers into a situation that make them feel like they are under the influence of a drug. Trainee drivers are expected to get the feeling of drunkenness while behind the wheel so that they can learn the dangers associated with drunk driving and desist from the behavior.

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