Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB), Pinterest Working Aggressively To Enhance Photo Offerings

Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and Pinterest can be seen working aggressively to enhance user experience on their respective social networks using big data and analytics. In the latest case, the social network operators appear to be interested in giving structure to separate data about images. Facebook has come up with a feature that allows subscribers to automate photo sharing directly from their phone camera roll. On its part, Pinterest has come up with a way to simplify search for similar photos on its site.

Social network companies are turning to big data to foster engagement on their platforms. Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has figured out that the best way to get people deeply involved in chatting, posting and consuming content on its platform is by helping them solve common problems. As such, the company has come up Photo Magic, which works magic in many ways. If you share many photos on Facebook and don’t always have the time to send them to each of your friends, Photo Magic is the right tool for you.

Modus operandi

Facebook’s Photo Magic is tied to Messenger app. The feature uses machine learning technology to scan your smartphone’s camera roll to recognize the people in the photos and then prompt you to share the photos with the people in them. That saves you the trouble of having to first open your Facebook page and send the photo to each of the friends involved one by one.

Therefore, Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s Photo Magic tool is suitable for those who want to share groups of photos with multiple friends on Facebook.

Although Photo Magic uses artificial intelligence to scan your camera roll, it requires your permission to do the job. That means that the tool is designed not to infringe on your privacy.

Search for identical photos

On its part, Pinterest has come up with a feature that allows you to only select a portion of an image to generate similar images on the site. The feature is aimed at simplifying the process of searching photos on the social network, a move that should boost subscriber engagement on the platform.

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