How Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Is Trying To Win Its Next Billion Subscribers

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is looking beyond North America and Europe for its next billion subscribers. In the rest of the world, Facebook is working to lift obstacles to allow more people come online. The company is betting that the population it helps to come online will feed its revenue basket in the long run.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is looking to India and Africa to potentially double or triple its 1.5 billion subscribers in the next five years or so. It is estimated that an additional 3 billion people will come online in the next five years from the two regions alone. As such, Facebook has drawn a plan to enable it to reach the next billion subscribers by deeply penetrating the Indian and African markets.

Internet everywhere

Through its, Facebook is on a mission to spread the Internet to every part of the Earth. Lack of access to the Internet is one of the reasons billions of people in emerging economies have been cut off from Facebook’s social network. The company is working to lift that barrier by making the Internet widely available in many places through Internet drones and other strategies.

For example, by next year, Facebook intends to deploy its first solar-powered aircraft that will beam the Internet to areas that are not covered by normal Internet infrastructure such as cell towers.

Making Internet widely available is expected to facilitate more people coming online and Facebook is hoping that those people who come online will sign up for its services.

Facebook everywhere

In addition to working to bring Internet everywhere, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is also working to make its services widely accessible by rendering lightweight versions of the app. The company is already experimenting with stripped down versions of the Facebook app that can be accessed on any kind of phone and supported by any kind of Internet connection. Consequently, many people are able to access Facebook regardless of the phones they are using and also do so at low Internet data costs.

Making money

The ultimate goal for Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is to make money. As such, the company has figured out how to enable advertisers to target customers by region or Internet connection.

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