Time-Ordered Feed Is Not Working In Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s Favor

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) may be contributing to its growth stagnation by chaining itself to time-ordered feeds. It is emerging that Twitter could become more engaging if only CEO Jack Dorsey and his team could transition the platform to a ranked feed system as opposed to time-based feed. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is a prime example of what Twitter can do to jumpstart its growth.

Analysts are coming to the conclusion that Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) might be its own enemy as far as subscriber growth and engagement on the platform goes. Facebook boasts the largest number of subscribers of any social network out there. Moreover, people on mobile are increasingly spending more of their online time on Facebook properties. How did Facebook do it? Favoring ranked feed over time-based feed, and there lies important lessons for Twitter.

Sometimes it only takes a simple change of strategy to make a world of difference, and Twitter may have to tweak its feed offering strategy to stay relevant. Twitter distinguished itself as a platform for real-time feed, thus the adoption of time-ordered feed rendering. However, those who are on the platform simply because of its time-ordered tweets are fewer compared to those who would favor a ranked feed system.

Serving the interest of the minority

Therefore, as much as Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) may want to cling to its real-time culture but perhaps not alienate early users, a time has come for the company to make tough decisions. It can maintain the status quo and serve the interest of the minority or it can make a paradigm shift and serve the interest of the vast majority.

Because Twitter is already battling user growth stagnation and the platform is seen as complicated for the average Internet user, the company should copy Facebook’s style – feed ranking.

Employing machine learning to rank tweets

Facebook uses machine learning to figure out how to serve news feed to its nearly 1.5 billion users. Through the strategy, Facebook has built a satisfied online community. While Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) may not become another Facebook overnight, it can offload some of its burdens by shifting to ranked feed system as opposed to time-ordered feed.

Neha Gupta

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