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SAP SE (ADR)(NYSE:SAP)’s Cloud For Analytics Makes A Debut In Already Crowded Field

SAP SE (ADR)(NYSE:SAP) has rolled out what it calls the Cloud for Analytics tool, and it is hoping to get its fair share of the cake in a market that is already filled with providers., Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) and, Inc. (NYSE:CRM) are some other cloud solutions providers with deep interest in analytics.

A hybrid analytics tool

For SAP SE (ADR)(NYSE:SAP), there is a market for truly differentiated analytics solutions, which is why the company is not worried about entering a crowded field. Some of the unique features that SAP has sought to bring out clearly about its Cloud for Analytics tool is the ability to pull data from multiple sources. That means surfacing data from cloud and on-premise stores, making Cloud for Analytics a hybrid offering that is likely to have a wider appeal among enterprises.

Designed to feel like a software as a service tool, SAP Cloud for Analytics is coming to face strong competition. Amazon’s AWS is actively vying for opportunities in the business intelligence field, recently launching QuickSight to capture that market. Salesforce is also active on the business intelligence front, offering analytics cloud for enterprise customers.

Plans to enrich Cloud for Analytics tool

With the potentially strong opposition, SAP SE (ADR)(NYSE:SAP)’s Cloud for Analytics tool needs to truly stand out. Aware of the challenge ahead in the business intelligence space, SAP’s officials say that more differentiation of Cloud for Analytics is on the way.

SAP intends to include predictive capabilities in its Cloud for Analytics tool. Initially, the company launched Cloud for Planning, which has now been enriched with business intelligence capabilities. If all goes according to plan, SAP says, the predictive aspect of the tool will be available in 2016. Further enrichment of the analytics tool will include inclusion of budgeting algorithms.


SAP SE (ADR)(NYSE:SAP) has figured out that real analytics require pulling of data from multiple sources, which is why the company believes that the hybrid nature of Cloud for Analytics is a strong selling point. SAP said that it will work to integrate Cloud for Analytics with Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Google Apps for Work and other platforms.

It will be interesting to see how SAP’s Cloud for Analytics battles it out with rivals from Salesforce, Amazon and others.

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