Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Rings In Good News For Advertisers

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is amending its advertising options with updates that are sure to excite marketers. In the recent times, the company been in the crosshairs of advertisers who feel they are not getting maximum value for the dollars they spend on ads on the social network. Facebook’s advertising updates introduce 100% viewability option and inclusion of a third-party ad analysis on its platform.

Marketers love Facebook’s social network because of the vast numbers of potential customers they are able to reach on the platform. However, a few things haven’t impressed Facebook’s advertising community and they have long been calling for the company to make appropriate adjustments. Those calls have been answered, and Facebook is clear about the ad amendments

100% viewability

One of the updates that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has made to impress its advertisers is the introduction of an option that allows marketers to only pay for 100% viewability. That means that marketers will only be billed where ads appear fully on the screen of a user.

The issue of 100% viewability of ads is coming at a time when Facebook has been widely criticized over how it charges video ads on its platform. For example, there have been claims that Facebook charges marketers even when video ads are not fully in view, which they feel isn’t right.

With the 100% viewability option, marketers will have to choose how they want their ads delivered on Facebook. For advertisers, the option should lead to maximum return their ad investment, but for Facebook, it is a case of getting right with marketers.

The option for 100% viewability will be available for all types of ads on– video, link, text and photos. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) will charge a premium price for the 100% viewability option.

Third-party verification

Facebook has tapped a third-party to analyze the performance of ads on its platform. To ensure independent analysis of ads on the social network, Facebook has given the responsibility to analytics firm known as Moat. In that capacity, Moat will be able to verify video ad views and also provide data about the length of time that people watch video ads on Facebook.

Some marketers have been critical of Facebook’s strategy where it analyzed the performance of ads on its platforms.

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