Facebook Inc (FB) Begins Testing Interactive Mobile Ads

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has updated its Conversion Lift that suggests the advertisers as to which campaigns work better for their objectives to be achieved. Until now, the Conversion Lift study measured the advertising effectiveness by dividing the audience into two groups. One is known as the randomized test group, which sees ads, as well as, a control group that does not. Now, the company started testing interactive mobile ads also.

Multiple Test And Control Groups

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) let advertisers compare multi ads with the similar goal against each other. This enables them to see how advertising works on the social networking site for them. The multiple test and control groups enable the advertisers to find out what type of ad unit fits well with their objective. Similarly, it will allow them to know what brand, as well as, direct response ads works well for them to achieve the goal compared to brand ads.

Similarly, the group test will suggest what type of mobile advertisings is driving the numbers. Also, it will help determine whether product-based creative is best or the lifestyle creative accomplishes best for their objectives. For instance, a cloud-based Website Wix performed a conversion life study with multiple tests, as well as, control groups to find out the direct response ads. That was combined with brand awareness video ads since it would fuel more premium subscriptions compared to the direct response ads.

Notable Growth

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’ test indicated that the campaign of the direct-response-only witnessed notable growth in subscriptions. However, the combined direct response ads along with video ads produced much more subscriptions. There are also other tests conducted on conversion lift study by German shopping club, Westwing. That was with the multiple test, as well as, control groups to discover whether any link ads were effective in fueling registrations.

Westwing CMO, Valentin Schellhaas, said that the social media has provided them with enough tools to test the multiple ad types effectiveness compared to multiple goals in a scientifically valid way. He said that it enabled them to quickly respond to optimize its campaigns efficiency.

Multi-Channel Measurement

For the benefit of the advertisers, there is multi-channel measurement indicating the overall impact of the advertiser’s ads. Also they can see the channel to witness as to how the ads fuel store sales or online or in app. Moreover, conversion lift tests can provide measurement across purchase channels such as apps or websites or stores. That will provide the advertisers with a holistic view of their ad impact.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) said that if the advertiser can understand the type of marketing approaches that work best for them, then they can maximize their campaigns and get better returns on ad spends. For running the conversion lift test, the advertiser’s campaign need not be live but should have enough statistical power for accurate and meaningful results.

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