Intel Corporation (INTC)’s Compute Stick Gets 6th-Gen Core Upgrade

One of the surprise elements in the Consumer Electrics Show 2015 was Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC)’s Compute Stick. The device is a complete computer packed into a Television dongle. The company is upgrading it now to the sixth Generation Core model. The company disclosed that its new Core M Compute Stick will retain the crucial premise of its predecessor, which is basically a headless laptop planned to plug straight into a monitor or HDTV.

Skylake Performance

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) said that the new device will provide a boost to Skylake performance for serious work, as well as, entertainment. The company indicated that the 4.5W sixth generation Core M processor will have the same  powers as some of its newly launched ultrabooks. The chip maker believes that its Compute Stick will be a better multimedia hub for supporting things such as the 4K video playback.

The company also believes that it will be a fair platform for some of the low-intensity gaming console. Its new chips will have a native H.265 transcoding. That will enable even small form factor PCs to mail 4K video to mobile devices in more bandwidth-sensitive ways. The chip maker has not provided several details like how the connectivity will be achieved. That will probably come through the same Bluetooth and WiFi for networking, as well as, peripherals. The current type has a miniUSB, which is a common thing for attaching devices, besides microSD slot for supplementing its 32GB onboard storage.

Stick With The Arrangement

There is an expectation that Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) might stick with the same arrangement. There are also alternatives to offer the Compute Stick with a USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 connector. The objective is to enable more flexibility because it can manage both data, as well as power.

The chip maker has also been trying the proposal of WiDi wireless display connections in its sixth generation core. That has the potential to enable the small computer to integrate to over one screen at the same point of time.

Management Speaks

The chip maker’s SVP and GM of client computing group, Kirk Skaugen, said that the company expects even smaller versions of Compute Stick while moving ahead. He said that he would not be surprising to see a credit card PC, which might be plugged into the TVs back. He said that the new device will be available for sale from the first quarter of the next year. However, the pricing has not been confirmed. The current model was launched at approximately $140 for Linux and $170 for Windows version.

Though Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) is a leader in the segment, it has failed to take advantage of the growing smartphone market. As a result, its dependence on PCs is not reducing to a considerable extent. Therefore, the weakness in PC sales continued to have its impact on its quarterly numbers. It remains to be seen whether the latest device will help.

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