Verizon Communications Inc. (NASDAQ:VZ) Occupies The Top-Slot In The Wireless Segment, Says RootMetrics

The verdict is out that Verizon Communications Inc. (NASDAQ:VZ) has the best mobile network performance in the U.S., but T-Mobile US Inc (NYSE:TMUS) is dismissing the findings. In its latest network performance report, which covers the first half of 2015, RootMetrics says Verizon is ahead of the rivals in almost all the measured categories.

RootMetrics invested time, money and knowledge to come up with a report that now sheds light on the standing of U.S. wireless providers in terms of network performance. The report reflects the results of 6.1 million tests that RootMetrics carried out in some 7,323 indoor locations across the U.S., using an un-modified Android phone.

AT&T beats Verizon in text performance

When RootMetrics put its data together and analyzed it, Verizon Communications Inc. (NASDAQ:VZ) emerged at the top. It turns out that the carrier has the best overall network performance. Verizon also boasts the greatest network reliability, data performance, network speeds and call performance. It is only in text performance that Verizon falls behind main challenger AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T).

RootMetrics established that AT&T’s network performance isn’t bad either as the company emerged second in almost all other categories where Verizon won. However, T-Mobile, the father of the Un-carrier movement in the U.S., was last in four of the six examined categories and only managed third-place in data performance and network speed. Sprint Corp (NYSE:S) beat T-Mobile in the four categories.

T-Mobile doing better in metro areas

It is in the metro areas that T-Mobile has a better show, managing to beat Verizon in text performance but losing the first place to AT&T.

Legere rejects the findings

T-Mobile’s CEO, John Legere, isn’t convinced that the network performance report by RootMetrics has any truth in it and has dismissed the findings. To bolster its competitive edge, T-Mobile has been investing a lot on network upgrades, especially in metro areas. However, Verizon Communications Inc. (NASDAQ:VZ) and AT&T seem to be doing better than T-Mobile nationwide. After adding nearly 2.1 million subscribers in the second quarter, T-Mobile improved its ranking in the U.S. wireless pecking order, jumping to the third-place and reducing Sprint to No. 4.

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