Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) Partners With Cologne Game Lab To Entice Gamers To Look For Real Life Travel Solutions Through Online Games

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has placed a halo over gamers with the belief that the gaming community could provide the answers to most of the urban travel problems in the world.

The automotive giant attended a Gamescom conference in Germany where it revealed a partnership with Cologne Game Lab. The three will urge gamers and developers to come up with ideas for online games that will provide solutions for real-life problems in the travel sector. The project will be more simulation games where both Ford and the developers will include different transport modes in a city.

Of course, the Ford Smart Mobility Game Challenge will go beyond the fun aspect of the games. The company will collect relevant data that might offer some of the best solutions for problems that motorists face on a daily basis. It certainly seems like an innovative strategy for problem-solving.

This is not the first time that gaming has been used to tackle problems in real life. There is a combat training program that uses the same virtual technology of the Oculus Rift and the 3D mapping of gaming levels to train soldiers. It creates an augmented reality that simulates the real thing and thus helps the soldier to think critically and avoid errors in combat. Judging from the success of the past projects, Ford might have really hit the nail on the head with this one.

There are significant advantages to using gaming as the test field. First of all, the costs incurred are ominously lower that the cost of having to run tests in real life. Also, the risks, especially on human life, are slim to none. Gaming platforms are also ideal because of the design factor. As cities become more congested, structures such as roads are limited to very little space. Gamers and developers can come together and create solutions for such.

The gaming industry has always been taken with a lot of seriousness. However, it is good to see other industries identifying niches that they can exploit in gaming.

Neha Gupta

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