Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Emphasizes That It Is A Mass Market Player And Not Just For The Elite

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) is serious about producing a mass targeted $35,000 car in two years time. Its goal is not just a vision for Tesla but a commitment. Tesla’s next automobile, with the ideal price tag of $35,000, is touted to be its most significant automobile yet. It is also a significant reason for the organization to establish the battery Gigafactory in Nevada. Tesla projects an annual turnover of 500,000 automobiles by 2020.

A Tesla Motors executive took offense with competitors attempting to stereotype it as producers of costly cars catering to the elites. Tesla’s vice president of business development stated that there exist rivals who are trying to bracket Tesla as per its present position. This practice was earlier done in 2008 when all that Tesla possessed was the pricey Roadster.

This is not the first instance when somebody from Tesla has reiterated their determination to produce a car for the masses and not just for the elites. CEO Elon Musk has re-affirmed his viewpoint consistently over the years. In a November 2013 blog, Musk opined that nothing has changed between Tesla’s foundation a decade earlier and now in terms of its mission to deliver affordable and quality electric cars to the market at the earliest.

Musk also said that Tesla wanted to have a mass market automobile as its initial offering. However, that goal was just not possible to attain for a fledgling company with no experience building a car. It was invariable that the first product would be a costly one.

Tesla has also declared that the initial deliveries of the much anticipated Model X SUV(Sports Utility Vehicle) were on schedule for a September launch this year.

In a latest development, Elon Musk has revealed futuristic features of the Tesla Model S cars. Impressively, they will have the ability to Parallel Park on their own and navigate as well as drive autonomously on the highway. This model already has the technology to sense obstacles, avoid other vehicles and switch between lanes.

Neha Gupta

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