Expedia Inc (NASDAQ:EXPE) Introduces Playlister To Cash In On The Latest Trend Of Music Festivals Round The Globe

Expedia Inc (NASDAQ:EXPE) is looking to cash in on people’s love for music festivals. For many, attending music festivals is a big part of summer activities. Today, influx to festival grounds has created a big business, one which Expedia believes it can tap to generate incremental revenue. Given the ever increasing competition in the online travel booking space, Expedia seems to be making a wise move with what it calls Playlister.

There is usually so much that goes on around music festivals. To some extent, things get confusing for some attendees. Most people don’t usually have the time to sit in and listen to all the performances before they can make up their mind which is best for them. That explains why a service that simplifies things up for you is worth having as a companion when heading to a festival.

Playlister simplifies things for your

Expedia Inc (NASDAQ:EXPE) has figured out how to simplify things for you. Playlister lets you find out what you might hear at the festival and also make some new exciting discoveries.

With Playlister, Expedia is offering away to find out more about festivals around the world. The service apparently targets those who love traveling far away for festivals. It also seems that Expedia has calculated that some of those searching for festivals around the world using Playlister may also use its travel booking services.

Online booking is a lucrative business, but competition is also intense, partly because of the low barriers to entry in the industry. The other change is that airlines are enticing travellers to book directly at their own sites.

Playlister rolls out with pre-loaded events around the world and you can listen to tracks and do much more on the site.

Great companion for festival fans

Trying out Playlister reveals exciting creativity on the side of Expedia Inc (NASDAQ:EXPE). You get to love what the company has to offer music festival fans. For that reason, those heading out for festivals may just find Playlister a great companion.

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