Logitech International SA (USA) (LOGI)’s Transformational Rebranding Has Helped It Stay Relevant

It is a common thing in the technology world that companies keep evolving, usually to stay competitive. That is exactly what Logitech International SA (USA) (NASDAQ:LOGI) has been up to in recent times.

Logitech’s bold transformation moves include a revamped logo, creation of a “Logi” sub-label and a design philosophy. It is already clear at this juncture that Logitech’s latest products are a mirror of what it has been doing largely behind the scenes to reinvent itself.

The company promises bold new designs in the future. Logitech is also trying to breathe new life to its brand recognition.

World-class designers

According to Logitech International SA (USA) (NASDAQ:LOGI)’s CEO, Bracken Darrell, design is at the very center of all that Logitech does. Darrell boasts that Logitech has been able to assemble a team of world-class designers, and that explains the amazing experiences Logitech has been able to bring to its products.

More than just design

Beyond the classic definition of design, Logitech does more by combining consumer insights, advanced technology and business strategy. These give the company a unique approach to product design, and the reason it now stands out more prominently.

What is driving Logitech International SA (USA) (NASDAQ:LOGI) is the desire to be different by putting greater focus on attitude and design. The company wants to be like Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ:SBUX) and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), where a coffee cup or smartphone is not just what it is but a lifestyle and experience baked together.

New product categories

Logitech revealed that its newly unveiled Logi brand will mostly feature on some very specific products. It is how the company would use the label on products in new categories that are not exactly what customers expect from it. However, the company also intends to use the Logi label in some of its existing products.

What Logitech International SA (USA) (NASDAQ:LOGI) has discovered is that by taking a more unique design approach, a brand can stay relevant.

Neha Gupta

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