BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY)’s Rumored Android Phone Could Be Venice

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It is speculated that BlackBerry Ltd (TSE:BB)(NASDAQ:BBRY)’s Venice could actually run on Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Android OS instead of BlackBerry OS. Venice is a slider phone that features a touchscreen. BlackBerry took the opportunity at the 2015 Mobile World Conference to show off Venice.

Nobody knows for sure, but it is likely that Venice could be BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY)’s first hardware running Android OS. Earlier reports though, hinted that Venice would run on BlackBerry OS. However, it appears as though the company has had a change of heart about putting its own operating system in the device.

Multiple operating systems

It is also possible that BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) could offer Venice with the ability to choose between its own operating system and Android.

Developing for rival platforms

Although Venice is likely to mark a major departure from BlackBerry’s norm, making devices that are compatible with rival software is not entirely new for BlackBerry. The company recently moved to enable access to, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN)’s Appstore on its handsets.

BlackBerry also enabled Android app support on its 7-inch tablet called BlackBerry Playbook. The move to enable Android apps on BlackBerry Playbook was aimed at expanding the platform for app developers.

Expanding revenue opportunity

Looking at BlackBerry’s current position, the company could actually gain a lot on the revenue front by embracing the Android platform. Currently, BlackBerry gets most of its money from software and services businesses and less from hardware. Tapping into Android could enable it to expand its hardware revenue and also make more software and services sales.

The other thing is that BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY)’s own OS isn’t receiving the warm reception that it once enjoyed in the smartphone market. It seems like a better strategy for BlackBerry to build Android phones and write software for other platforms other than its own. The company has been bringing its software and apps to Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iOS and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s Windows Phone.

BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) has nothing to lose at this juncture by developing hardware and software for Android. However, it remains to be seen whether Venice will be that device to launch BlackBerry on the Android platform in a major way.

Neha Gupta

Neha Gupta has been in the financial space for over six years now. Gupta earned her MBA degree from Symbiosis Centre of Distance Learning in 2009 and her passion for finance led her to pursue Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) course. She has successfully completed Level II of her CFA. She is a veteran in article writing, which is depicted in her numerous pieces published on SeekingAlpha, Nextiphonenews, InsiderMonkey, MarketWatch, and Techinsider. Her crisp and eloquent writing finds its best place in Researchcows, where emphasis is given on developing rich content for various websites, products, business plans, trainings, and book writing.

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    I really can’t see Google offering Android for BlackBerry devices allowing users to drop either or. BlackBerry previously shunned Android and IOS, so I have a hard time believing this as it’s in direct competition and a conflict of interest. Besides this also leads me to believe BlackBerry is losing confidence in their own workmanship, first it was hardware, now it appears to be software solutions. BlackBerry needs someone in there that can understand what the consumer wants. Yes Chen is good at curbing cost however innovation is not his strong point.

    • How did BlackBerry previously shun Android and iOS? My arguments are the following:
      – BlackBerry had their own Device OS long before iOS and or Android existed, so developing BB10 doesn’t classify as shunning.
      – iOS is not available to be licensed by ANY hardware manufacturer.
      – Android is free to any hardware manufacturer and Open Source for them to manipulate to how they see fit.

      Please elaborate on your vague statement.

      • DEVVVV

        On BlackBerry’s blog they slammed IOS and Android. Chen has also stated that it would be a challenge to make Android secure, as that is considered bashing. I would never resort to bashing, as you very well know HBB. BlackBerry will be done soon if they do not comply to my terms and conditions pertaining to a fix relating to harder and software designs. I’m holding the trump card in this potential deal, if they don’t accept, it only hurts them more than me. I can’t believe that FFH (Prem Watsa) seeing as he paid now twice as much on average for his stake in BlackBerry, doesn’t take matters personally to fix this. This leads me to believe he hoping to get BlackBerry’s real estate and infrastructure for pennies on the dollar

        • First off, I don’t care what you think you can do for BB. You continue to sound like you have no idea what you’re talking about, day-in and day-out, so your sales pitch falls flat on its face. On top of that, you lie (with intent) about the Company and their products, in order to sway people into accepting your ideas as credible. That’s despicable on your part.

          Secondly, Android isn’t secure, hence why nobody uses it in secured environments. You can pretend that’s bashing all you want, but the simple fact is, that it is the truth. In terms of iOS, well, it’s more secure than Android but it is still behind the times in terms of other offerings. Their Sandboxing solution alone turned out to have more holes that a dart board.

          Lastly, you don’t understand how financials work so your comments about people investing; the stock price; and what’s going to happen: do nothing but turn people away from bothering to read your comments. All people think about you is that you have a mental disorder and judging by your OBSESSION with destroying BB, I tend to agree. The fact that nobody UpVotes your comments, should be a clear indication. Not even the BB Haters think you have a clue. Stop and think about that DEVVVV as it’s only you who gets hurt out of all that in the end.

          • DEVVVV

            why isn’t Android secure, how is BlackBerry’s security better? what does BlackBerry have as a security tool that competitors don’t have? HBB I am not getting hurt it appears that BlackBerry is and continuing to do so. Re: “Their Sandboxing solution alone turned out to have more holes that a dart board.” So why does it but not BlackBerry’s? Just do say it does but tell me why it does.

          • Just because you refuse to do your own research, doesn’t mean I’m going to do it for you. The information is out there and you can choose to ignore it all you want, but that doesn’t mean you’re questions need to be answered by me.

          • DEVVVV

            lol that is because you don’t know I believe. I see you believe in Chen whether he is right or wrong, sorry to say HBB huge mistake on your part. John Chen does not accept constructive criticism as a learning tool, that is also another huge mistake. As for what you believe pertaining to destroying BlackBerry my intent is to do the opposite as Chen is already doing a good job destroying it without any help.

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