Facebook Inc (FB)’s Newsfeed To Show More Relevant Videos

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s newsfeed will show more relevant videos. The company’s move appears to be aimed at focusing on generating more video views which will challenge the supremacy of Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s YouTube. The social networking site is constantly changing its algorithm in a quest to improve the user experience and drive further engagement.

More Actions To Affect Viewing

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s latest move suggest that if the users engage in changing the size or sound or high definition of the videos, then it will affect the viewing of the videos that the users see. The changes will reflect to some users only. However, the company indicated that it will keep on rolling out during the next several weeks so that more and more users will be able to see.

The networking site said that the change will also reflect in the way the videos appear in feeds.  The latest effort is in response to the news feed changes last summer, which considered whether anyone watched a video. If so, how long they watched while trying to find out as to how to select and rank videos. That apart, how many could be displayed.

Prioritizing Posts

The company is also engaged in adjusting the priorities of other types of posts. Facebook indicated earlier in June that the amount of time spent on stories will impact the posts in showing up in the next news feed. The company believes that the update would enable the users to see more types of videos of their liking and fewer video posts that they don’t want to see.

In a blog post, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Engineering Manager, Meihond Wang, and Engineer, Yue Zhuo, said that several people have enjoyed watching videos through the news feed. However, they were not inclined to comment or share or like them. For instance, a user might have found a video of a non-profit organization that might be informative. The user might be glad to see the video. However, the user might not have felt inclined to share or comment or like the video broadly.

Next Bet

The social networking site appears to be betting on the video ads as the next option. That could be seen from the way the company attaches importance to it. The company indicated that its video views per day jumped to four billion a day in April from one billion in September last year. The company counts three second or more as a video view. That included auto-play videos.

On the other hand, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s YouTube already hit four billion video views daily in 2012. The digital revenue in the Americas is predicted to witness 30% growth to $7.77 billion this year. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) does not want to lag behind in getting its share from it.

Viraj Shah

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