Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Releases Windows 10 Mobile Preview

Close on the heels of releasing Windows 10 for the desktop, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has come out with Windows 10 mobile preview. The company’s Build 10149 is said to have incorporated the changes that users were expecting. The preview is also for those who are within the Windows Insider Program. More previews and beta version suggest that the company is ready to incorporate any changes that the user is asking for. The company seems not to leave any stone unturned to make the OS a grand success in all platforms, especially the mobile and tablet where it is lagging behind the rivals.

New Browser

As part of the process, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is also ready to change the name of its next-generation browser to Microsoft Edge from Project Spartan. In a blog post, the company’s OS Group’s data and fundamentals team head, Gabe Aul, shared some of the details about the mobile build. That included a quick action to create the operation of phone’s flash as a flashlight. That apart, the apps for the photos support animated GIFs on smart devices with a minimum of 1GB RAM.

The company’s official advised users to arrange for the back of the data like favorites, reading lists, history, and cookies from its earlier builds. That is because the browser will become as Microsoft Edge where the user will not be able to have them from the earlier builds.


Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s latest build suggest that users can have the option of placing the address bar. Normally, the address bar appears on the bottom of the phone screen. However, users will be able to display the website address in the same fashion of a desktop.

The most recent mobile build also has a Notebook component of the software firm’s Cortana personal digital assistant. That integrates profile, as well as, the setting components. As a result, the users will be allowed to indicate quiet hours there. The feedback and the beta version of the OS also enabled the biggest software firm to fix a number of bugs. That included the stopping of the Podcast app from working and at the same time prevented users from concealing the navigation bar.

Fresh Issues

However, reports indicated that the new build has some issues to be solved. For instance, users who have paid for some apps might get a notification of a trial version. The company clarified that its Windows 10 Mobile OS does not have the functional in-app purchase options. Atul said that it was because the company is yet to move the function to the new Windows Store.

The reports suggested that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s build not only enhances the look but also the feel of the mobile OS. Atul said in his blog that the OS is more stable, faster, and polished overall. That makes the OS a lot more interesting.

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