AT&T Inc. (T) Makes Six New Wearable Devices Available Bringing Total To 30

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) has bolstered its portfolio of wearables to 30 after adding six new products in that category this week. So far, AT&T claims that its network serves about 22 million connected gadgets discounting smartphones. The company added over 945,000 connected gadgets to its network in 1Q2015.

Exclusive offerings

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) said that three of the six wearables it is adding to its portfolio are exclusive offerings. They include a heart rate and fitness gadget called Mio Fuse, which costs $149. Mio Fuse is designed for hardcore athletic. The other in the exclusive category is CaseMate Rebecca Minkoff, which costs $120 and is targeted at women. Closing the list of new exclusive wearable offerings in AT&T’s portfolio is Healbe GoBe, which goes for $299.

The Healbe GoBe performs a variety of functions, including heart rate, blood sugar and stress level readings. The gadget also gives real-time reading of calorie intake and burn, which enables users to get real-time understanding of the implication of the food they consume.

Non-exclusive offerings

The non-exclusive new wearable offerings that AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) has added include the entry-level version of fitness tracker Misfit Flash, which goes for $49. The other two are Withings smartwatches namely Activite Pop and Activite, costing $149 and $450, respectively.

AT&T’s new wearable offerings do not attract separate charges beyond the upfront purchase price. The devices use Bluetooth technology for connectivity, which means that they connect to the carrier’s network through your phone but not independently.

The Internet of Things

According to AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T)’s SVP of Internet of Things, Chris Penrose, connected devices work best when they are made to work in tandem. Perhaps that explains why the company has tied its latest wearables to the phone network instead of letting them connect directly.

The idea of making connected devices work in tandem is that it helps with achieving a chain of favorable results that truly drive the spirit of Internet of Things.

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