38% of Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s Apple Watch Users Would Recommend It To Their Peers, Says Survey

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s Apple Watch is easily cited as the best smartwatch one can get on the market today. However, the drawback for Apple Watch is that third-party apps on the device have yet to impress. Most of the apps are clunky and slow at best, which is why those who have already acquired the device aren’t recommending it to friends.

According to the latest survey results by UserTesting, most Apple Watch owners say that they like the device. However, the problem is that they won’t recommend it to friends to buy because of the various problems they have noted with the Watch. Just about 38% of the polled Apple Watch owners said that they would recommend the device to their peers.

Finicky third-party apps

What is hurting the appeal of Apple Watch is poor performance, which is mostly tied to third-party apps. According to the survey, Watch owners reported that third-party apps are either slower or far less reliable, leading to frustrations using the device. Some users have reported that while Apple Watch has a lot of potential, the device is currently under baked.

According to UserTesting’s Michael Mace, who once worked at Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), the survey findings aren’t overwhelming. He stated that Apple can excite existing Apple Watch users to recommend the device by bringing additional value, especially in the currently finicky area of third-party apps.

Apple moves to make things better

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is taking note of the Apple Watch user sentiments. The company recently announced a dedicated data platform for the Apple Watch called watchOS 2. The move is expected to ensure that Apple Watch can function more independently and allow for creating of native apps for the device.

Currently, Apple Watch relies on an iPhone for data processing, which explains the frustration that users have had with it so far.

There is hope that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will make Apple Watch follow-on reforms for the better, given that the iPhone itself wasn’t great right out of the gate. Apple made follow-on improvements that saw iPhone live to become the giant of the smartphone market, disorienting BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) in the process.

Already, UserTesting noted that most Apple Watch users say the device has made their lives easier.

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