Facebook Inc (FB) Says internet.org is Not A Walled Garden

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has been in the thick of controversies in the developing nations following its launch of Internet.org project. The company has been accused of allowing only selected service providers to access internet.org. Its move sparked questions from the supporters of net neutrality about its compatibility, business motives, and collection of user data. However, this criticism has drawn the attention of the social networking site, which preferred to make the record straight for everyone concerned.


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s Internet.org objective was to enable the users to download an app so that they would be able to browse on health, employment and local news. These things would come to the users in the developing countries without any payment towards data charges. However, since it provided access to few services selected by the social networking site, critics termed it as breaking the net neutrality principles. For the net neutrality, all services should be equal to all.

In a blog titled ‘Myths and Facts’ posted recently, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) said that its support for net neutrality was well known. This was because the company worked to ensure that services could not be either throttled or blocked to ensure that there were no fast lanes in the world. The clarifications became necessary following the pulling out of some partners in India from Internet.org. The company clarified that the project was good for consumers only.


In respect of a charge that the company’s Internet.org existed for making money from the emerging countries, the social networking site flatly rejected the notion. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) pointed out that there was no involvement of payment to add Internet.org and the company also does not display any ads through the service. The company made it clear that if it wanted to make money, it would focus on the markets where there were opportunities for online advertising.

However, the company admitted that the partners of Internet.org could run ads from their services. Therefore, Facebook reiterated that both Internet.org and net neutrality can exist together.

Collection Of Data

The next charge was about the collection of the user data from the project. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) explained the way it collects data from the project. The company said that gathers information through the navigation to find out as the type of traffic to be delivered without any data charges and see popular services. This was to enable it launches such services in other countries.

The social networking site firm disclosed that it could not store navigation history of user-level for more than 90 days and did not share such information with its partners. In the terms of use, the company, however, disclosed that it might access information supplied by the carriers like the users’ phone numbers. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) said that if users of the Internet.org wanted to delete personal information, they could do so by either contacting the company or using the link.

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