Facebook Inc (FB) Claims Ownership of All Photos Uploaded On Its Platform

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Photographers beware before uploading your photograph on the platform of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). This is because the social networking site has claimed ownership of every photograph that was being uploaded on its platform. It might surprise many folks as they might have encountered stealing of their photographs. It only appears that the company was not worried over the intellectual property rights.

What Copyright Law Says

Given the stand taken by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) to claim ownership of all the photographs, it would be interesting to know what the copyright law says. According to it, the creator enjoys the copyright of the work done, be it photograph or otherwise. However, if a folk is hired by a firm, then the company is the owner of the content since the folk is working for them and paid for it.

The latest move of the social networking site meant that it included the videos that were being uploaded currently. Facebook has been requiring its users to upload a number of videos to their platform at the cost of YouTube or Vimeo to maximize views from the user’s fans. The company has been feeding news with prioritizing the videos. This could well take a bigger toll.

Company’s Defense

For years, photographers have been uploading images for business, as well as, marketing reasons. When the issue came about first, it was resolved by the photographers as they came to know what to upload. Some of the users tried to contact Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) for their response. In some cases, they even get banned consistently.

However, a representative from the company has reportedly commented that the company owns all the contents that are being uploaded to their platform. Therefore, if any user thinks that they own a particular image, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) could do things of their liking citing terms of service. Earlier, Flickr too had a similar term. However, they have changed it now. It remains to be seen whether the social networking site would also change it.

Viraj Shah

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