Blackberry Ltd (BBRY) Corporate Communications SVP Leaves

Just when BlackBerry Ltd (TSE:BB)(NASDAQ:BBRY) is back on a revival mode, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, Blackberry, Heidi Davidson is leaving after serving the company through all its ups and downs. Even though Heidi was not available for comment, she confirmed the news on her Twitter account. Corporate Communications VP at the company, Adam Emery, said that Heidi was leaving Blackberry and has been an asset to the company.

Emery became the VP in 2014 and took over the global communications portfolio of Davidson while she started looking at the brand and digital communications for the company.

Heidi Davidson’s Role

She stepped into the company in March 2011 after leaving MasterCard. A diligent person at work, she has been committed to Blackberry and was the main reason for the companies growing net promoter score (NPS). A diligent person at work, she has been committed to Blackberry and was the main reason for the companies growing net promoter score (NPS).

CEO John Chen said in May 2015 that he was planning to diversify the company and not focus on the development of handsets alone. The software business of the company is now expanding. He said that the company needs to improve the image from a reviving company, and the financial conditions were much better this year.

Present Strategy

The company is also gearing up to launch new handsets, and an updated Blackberry Classic is already doing well. The Blackberry Leap that the company launched this week is also getting positive reviews in the market. The company is offering the new handsets at competent prices to increase its market share in the market and has also ended all differences with T-Mobile.

Even as the company posted a drop in sales in March 2015, it surprised everyone with a $28 million profit in the U.S. markets. The company registered a 33% dip in revenues to $660 million as compared the $976 in the same period last year. Chen said that the reputation of the company had gone down in the past few years, but all is not lost, and he has a positive outlook for the future.

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