Facebook Inc (FB)’s Search for Posts Is Finally Available on Android

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is ready to make its search for posts available to Android users, having been left behind when the company launched the same for iOS devices last year. It is now possible to find posts shared on the social network in a select number of Android phones as the company continues with the roll out that should take a couple of weeks.

Locating Posts

The latest development comes in the wake of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) rebranding Graph Search as Facebook search last year, making it possible for iOS users to locate posts on their Newsfeeds. However, the service has only been available using U.S English language settings. The feature works for finding items posted on one’s network and not everything posted on Facebook.

Facebook search is the social giant’s plan to improve on users experiences on the platform, while making it easier to find posts shared by friends and pages. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) search is the kind of update that feels quite simple on the surface but has taken the network years to implement. Users on Android devices, just like iOS, will now be able to locate individual posts using keywords.

Facebook WhatsApp Connection

Facebook believes the feature will work best on mobile devices, a space the company continues to pursue aggressively for advertising purposes. People have been calling for a stronger and better search that is not only able to locate people, but specific memories, photos and articles regardless of when they were posted.

Separately, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has begun testing a new feature on the Facebook for Android app as the company moves to integrate WhatsApp into the app. A new ‘Send’ button, with a WhatsApp icon, can be seen on the right side of the recent version of the Facebook for Android app in some phones. The move, according to GeekWire, is part of a larger plan to connect the two platforms as one of the ways of taking control of the messaging market and sustaining growth.

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