Facebook Inc (FB) Use Can Lead To Symptoms of Depression, According To Study

Spending too much time on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) can result in depressive symptoms, according to a study by Mai-Ly Steer of the University of Houston. Social media sites are arguably the best tools for averting boredom and for connecting with old and new friends. However, spending quite a bit of time, according to the study, may inevitably force people to start comparing their lives with the activities and accomplishments of others, leading to depression.

Dangers of Social Comparisons

Social comparison processes have been studied at length in a traditional context, but Steer believes it is now that the literature is starting to explore in online social surroundings. Steer conducted two studies, with a view to finding how Facebook might impact user’s psychological health. Findings from the study clearly showed that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) users feel extremely depressed whenever they compare themselves to others.

Steer is, however, quick to point out that it does not mean Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) causes depression but depressed feelings usually come into being when people start comparing their lives to that of others. A relation was found between time spent on the social network and depressive symptoms for both genders in one of the studies.

Distressed Persons

Social comparison is not new as it has been studied on a face-to-face contextual since the 1950’s, however online comparisons are new and most of the time end up making people feel far worse. One thing about Facebook is that it always provides information about friends, most of which always tends to lean on the positive. Rarely do people post bad things that occur in their lives, which most of the time insinuates that their lives are better and perfect.

Steer affirms that people afflicted with emotional difficulties are usually susceptible to depressive symptoms due to social comparison on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). Distressed people usually end up feeling far worse, lonely and isolated when going through the good happenings in their friends lives and comparing them to their struggles.

Technological advances, according to Steer, possess both the intended and unintended consequences that people should understand before engaging in them.

Viraj Shah

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