NTHSA Receives Investigation Request For 2003-2005 Ford Motor Company (F)’s Crown Victoria

It appears that more trouble lies ahead for Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) in respect of the head lighting failure on its different models including the Ford Crown Victoria, as well as, Mercury Grand Marquis sedans manufactured between 2003 and 2005. The regulator in the United States indicated that it would review North Carolina Consumer Group’s petition.

ODI Receives Petition

The Office of Defects Investigation or ODI has got a petition filed by the North Carolina Consumers Council. The petitioner sought a defect inquiry on the alleged defect condition of headlight resulting in the failure of exterior lightings on its 2003 – 2005 models. The petitioner, North Carolina Consumer Group, charged defect in Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)’s models lighting control module. This powers the headlights and could have resulted in the loss of headlights or exterior lighting while driving.

Earlier, ODI closed the issue without finding any defect in its investigation in November 2008. The petitioner contended that the second biggest automaker has recently expanded the vehicle warranty to 250,000 miles or 15 years. The service replacement parts were also not available readily for warranty repairs while submitting the petition. Therefore, the petitioner wanted a fresh investigation of the defect is opened. As a result, the regulator has opened to find out the issue and make a grant or refuse.

Number Of Vehicles

As a result, as much as Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)’s 517,945 vehicles would come under the scrutiny of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. There were 604 complaints against the company on the head lighting issue. This included seven vehicle crashes.

The inquiry could throw light on the process to be initiated. The investigators could suggest a recall in case the regulator finds that the automaker would have to address the safety issue. In any case, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) would have to do a lot of work and any grant would impact its profitability.

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