Facebook Inc (FB) Whatsapp Voice Calling Is Coming To iOS In Two Weeks

Brian Acton, the co-founder of WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform, made a revelation about his products next port-of-call. At the Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) F8 developer conference, Acton revealed that a voice-calling option will soon be available on Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS service.

Acton, speaking at the Conference forum, highlighted that WhatsApp had worked extensively on developing voice call features for the messaging service, for the Android.

WhatsApp has been the most popular messaging service in the last year. The service allows cross-platform mobile messaging, with the app using the same internet data plan used for web browsing. Therefore, there is no additional cost for the messages.

The no-cost messaging has nearly changed the text communications segment and has led to a drop in revenues of international network carriers such as Vodafone and others.

Post Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s acquisition of the WhatsApp platform, cosmetic changes apart, the service has added an all new dimension, voice-calling for the Android.

While users of iPhones have long awaited the iOS version of the voice-calling service from WhatsApp, there have been alternative methods adopted by technology experts to use the service on iPhone. Typically, it involves the use of the jail-broken iPhone. Others suggest that the feature is accessible only on the beta version of the app and therefore, presently available to few. As per the beta version results, the same calling screen as the default iPhone call screen is retained, with the exception of a text which reads, ‘WhatsApp call.’ Secondly, buttons located at the bottom of the screen include a new ‘recent’ button, allowing users to receive the history of calls made, as well received, besides missed calls as well.

Considering the advanced beta version of WhatsApp for the iOS platform, the final release is eagerly awaited. However, Acton was unable to provide the exact date of release of the program and remained evasive with ‘a couple of weeks,’ as the likely release timeline.

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