Facebook Inc (FB) Tries To Woo European Telcos with Findings Of A New Survey

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has been trying to defuse the tension between the telecoms and the company in Europe. The telecoms were urging regulators in Europe to treat the social networking site as a telecom company, since it provides messenger, and due to beaming of the internet to remote parts of the globe. On the other hand, Facebook has been trying to help such telecoms with recently researched data to woo them. In fact, the American firm said that, because of it, telecoms were generating higher revenue due to data package offerings for services, such as its networking site.

Joint Research

During the Mobile World Congress, held recently in Barcelona, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has reportedly talked to telecoms to smooth the relationship. And now, the company may be doing a favor for them by showing the possibility of a fresh market segmentation to not only deepen, but also diversify their marketing tactics. The social networking site has over 1.39 billion users throughout the globe.

A new research study was conducted by Deloitte and Facebook jointly, with a purpose of indicating the data of the social networking site’s importance around mothers, which were found to be considerably active on its site. This was in comparison with non-mothers, which could be used by telecoms operators to boost its customer retention.

Deloitte did an analysis of anonymized data of more than 50 million people, with the help of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), in the Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Italy.

Need For Change Of Segmentation

The research found that there was a need for change of segmentation to people-centric and moment-based from the conventional practice of demographic. Commenting on the findings, Deloitte digital strategy manager, Tom Struthers, said that, though telecoms have a lot of data, they have a limited way of segmenting their customers. He said that they could not reach an accurate segmentation.

However, Deloitte clarified that it was not helping Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) or allowing it to market its data to the European telecom companies.

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