Woes Continue For McDonald’s Corporation

In US Markets, McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD)  is up against unique challenges which was once again highlighted as the company reported lesser than expected average sales figures for the month of February. Moreover, sales had actually dipped, with the gains made in January being forfeited.

Industry experts expected that the fall in sales would be closer to a 0.7% drop, in terms of same-store sales. However, US same-store sales fell by nearly 4%, much higher than the global-sales drop of 18% in February.

In recent weeks, McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) has been aspiring to meet the changing trends in its consumers. As today’s generation search for a personal, customized and more ‘authentic’ niche experience and look beyond the sprawling logos and branded food sold food chains, McDonald has debuted its McPuff or McVeg products.

However, these appear to be small attempts, as the changes that the consumer demands appear to be different.

McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) in a statement on Monday, reported that the current performance suggests, that the retail chain is in need of evolution and realignment with the consumers of today. Therefore, strategic priorities would now have to be reworked to ensure the business will once again retain momentum.

The forward looking statement for the company expected that it would evolve as the ‘true destination of choice’ across the globe. The final goal for McDonald was to remerge as a modern burger company which was progressive in the food it had to offer!

McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) has been batting sales drop on different continents. In the Far East, especially in China, question on health care, as well as the meat supplies quality had raised ugly questions. There have been proactive changes happening within McDonald’s as well. The CEO was replaced as was a new consumer-friendly policy to stop using chicken raised on antibiotics, in two years’ time!

Lisa Ray

Lisa Ray primarily covers Retail and Healthcare. Lisa Ray has completed her MBA (Finance) and an avid market tracker. She is a stock market analyst who closely tracks US markets along with other global markets like India. She has been expressing her views for years about markets and also advises various clients.

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