Dual Curved Display from BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY) To Be Launched This Year

Mobile World Congress has become one of the good platforms for many technology companies to not only showcase their product lines, but also a huge platform for identifying areas for growth. Therefore, BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY)(TSE:BB), was no exception to this rule. Aside from this, the company disclosed a lot of recent interesting happenings in their sector and shares them with the media.

Launch A New Touchscreen

BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) probably believed that the best platform to disclose its plan was Mobile World Congress. Accordingly, during a press meeting, the company revealed its plan of unveiling a fresh touchscreen slider gadget later in the current year of 2015. However, the company has not disclosed any details about name of the device, or its price, or the timing of release.

The company termed the new device as ‘dual curved display’. It appeared much similar to that of new Galaxy S6 Edge from the staple of Samsung. Reports also suggest that its appearance looked like the old BlackBerry Torch or Dell’s Venue Pro. In line with the market conditions, the company has been trying to come out with innovative models to retrieve at last part of its lost ground.

New Porsche Design

Aside from the fresh slider, BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) indicated that it would also unveil a fresh Porsche Design gadget apart from another keyboard-type phone. Like any other technology companies, the company preferred to keep the details of its models under secrecy.

There appears to be a keen interest to meet the low-end as BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) disclosed a fresh low-end touchscreen phone, which is known as the Leap. The device would have a 5-inch, 720p slate-type smartphone. The device would also have an ancient dual-core processor. Two years back, its price was same specs as HTC One X or the Galaxy S4. It would sell for approximately $275 and would first go on sale in the emerging nations like Indonesia and Brazil.

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