Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Favors Net Neutrality

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) and millions of its users want Washington to reaffirm net neutrality rules in favor of the Internet ecosystem, the freedom of expression, and the economy at large. Safeguarding the open architecture of the Internet is critical to America’s global competitiveness and the nation’s economic aspirations.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the web, expressed that net neutrality is critical for the future of the web as well as for the future of human progress, rights, and innovation.

Net neutrality could promote fair competition and enables users to innovate without permission. Hence, there is a need for legally sustainable, clear and enforceable rules to ensure the Internet remains open and allows users to create and share innovative ideas and information without any barriers. Without such an open Internet ecosystem, some of today’s most successful Internet companies might not have evolved. Twitter also mentioned on its official blog that such open architecture is the heart of the company.

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has joined other leading Internet companies through The Internet Association and will urge the Federal Communications Commission to propagate net neutrality rules.

The Commission is poised to mull a net neutrality proposal that could ensure an open Internet by sidelining vital consumer and competitive protection measures. The decision is anticipated to continue U.S. leadership in Internet policy making.

Tom Wheeler, The FCC Chairman, has proposed to secure the legal foundation for these rules, including prohibitions against throttling or blocking of sites and services as well as the “paid prioritization” of some traffic over others.

The Commission is also likely to avoid any unnecessary regulation, representing the approach so far pursued with respect to wireless services for nearly two and half decades. The discussion is open and ideas are invited for possible statutory rules to codify the principles of net neutrality.

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