Hackers Exploit Apple Inc. Lightning Connector Vulnerability


Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s Lightning connector security has been compromised by hackers, according to the jailbreak site iDownloadblog. The vulnerability grants hackers access to serial kernel debug and also to easily debug iBoot level exploits. The access to the Lightning serial could enable more hackers to find exploits for future jailbreaks.

In June 2014, a security researcher, Stefan Esser, accused Pangu, the developers of a potentially malicious jailbreak app, for stealing his work and secretive information from training sessions he runs.

The jailbreak makes use of an Apple issued security certificate and allows third party applications to be installed on iPads and iPhones running iOS 7.1-7.1x.

Esser is head of R&D at SektionEins, a German security firm. He alleged that the Chinese criminals behind Pangu took much critical information from their iOS training and resold them to Chinese companies.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s Lightning connector is a proprietary power connector that is present in all modern Apple devices including iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch devices.

iOS hacks were previously developed on older iDevices and now the new hack is created on Lightning-equipped products. A user on Ramtin-Amin.fr, identifying as @key2fr, demonstrated how the person hacked and built a connector for the units. The user also wrote about building a batch of the Lightning debug cables to enable easy access to engineers, who were so far not able to acquire official C10C serial connectors, under Apple’s MFi program.

The Register reported that it could be the first step toward completely owning an iDevice, citing Tool box HackADay.

Ohad Bobrov, VP of R&D at Lacoon Security, also cited Pangu for lowering the barrier for hackers to create sophisticated mobile-targeted attacks.

Though the initial attack requires a physical connection, users seek to jailbreak their devices to download software from official sources without having to pay or to access unofficial sources for apps.

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