Popular Blackberry Ltd (BBRY) Apps Are Not Secured According To Study

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A recent study revealed that even some of the BlackBerry 10’s third-party apps pose security risks for the end user. The findings at first seem contrary to BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY)(TSE:BB)’s reputation for having the most secure OS but are not exclusive to Blackberry as an OS is as safe as the weakest application you install. The findings serve more as warning to know what you’re installing.

A security research report by Lloyd Summers from FileArchiveHaven.com studied 12 of the most popular social BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) apps. The study enlisted those apps by their potential security risks to the end user. Unfortunately, only four apps, including Meetup for BlackBerry 10, BlackPullet, Work Wide and Hub Browser were rated to be ‘Clean.’

Among others, two apps were rated to be of ‘Compromised’ security level, two were found to pose ‘High’ security risks, four were found to pose ‘Low’ security risks.

Among apps with compromised security were Snap2Chat and Snap10, third-party SnapChat clients made by NemOry Studios. These applications were extremely high risk application as they were found to be submitting user information including name, age, gender, etc. to a hidden NemOry Studios website. They were even found to have submitted several hidden advertisement requests to Smaato without revealing this to the user.

Insta10 and Twittly were among the ‘High’ risk BlackBerry 10 apps. The report revealed that Twittly is submitting analytics and also downloading ‘unusual’ data from Google translate. Twittly’s rating was in line with the significant information stealing risk it poses, as all the data was submitted in plain text over HTTP.

Facebook Messenger Lite, Four Square, iGrann and Blaq showed to have very ‘Low’ risk of any security issues.

FileArchiveHaven.com also revealed some of its tips for end users while looking for secure applications. The report mentioned that users should not trust applications from developers where support contradicts BlackBerry support sites. Even, it advises, be cautious of apps that don’t connect directly to the service users expectations.

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