Now Try SAMSUNG ELECT LTD(F)(SSNLF)’s Gear VR In Best Buy Co Inc (NYSE:BBY) Before You Buy

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Best Buy Co Inc (NYSE:BBY) will start offering demos of SAMSUNG ELECT LTD(F)(OTCMKTS:SSNLF)‘s Gear VR across the U.S. through its 100 retail stores, effective February 8, 2015. The biggest obstacle in buying this sophisticated technology was the absence of hands-on demonstrations. How could fans decide to buy this expensive gadget without strapping it on their own head first? Now if one is living in the right area, they may simply walk in to select Best Buy stores for their first experience.

Best Buy’s expert Blue Shirts will help fans experience a whirlwind tour of the Gear VR, which could help them make better, informed decisions. However, Best Buy doesn’t offer in-store buying options for now. One has to visit an online store to bring this wearable electronic home.

The hands-on demos of Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition will allow anyone the chance to sample the newest tech gadget and dive right into a new immersive world. There are a variety of 360o virtual worlds and experiences, and what one explores depends on their individual preferences. One can experience the Space Shuttle Endeavor, travel to places like Iceland or even swim beside virtual whales, with the device on their head.

Samsung’s Gear VR allows an illuminating vision and an astounding step into our future. The electronics giant has also achieved the closest step anyone has come to turning virtual reality into an exciting consumer experience. Officially, Samsung leads the race to market with this impressive, accessible VR headset. The gadget is powered by software from the Oculus VR team, a start-up which Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) acquired recently.

Samsung’s Gear VR is available for $199.99 at, however, one will also require to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to play its content.

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