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The millennial generation is often blamed for everything from being lazy to being prima donnas, being narcissistic and even needing excessive hand-holding. However, it’s a critical time where forward-thinking organizations shall start working to better understand the millennial and leverage their strengths or risk being left behind.

A research from the University of North Carolina suggested that nearly half of the U.S. workforce (46%) will be comprised of millennial by 2020. Research from The Hartford’s 2014 Millennial Leadership Survey found nearly that three fourth of 785 respondents aspired to lead in the workplace over the next five years. The survey also found 83% of the respondents finding themselves as leaders among their family and friends.

Millennial are promising and have a lot to offer with their abilities as they begin to enter leadership roles in the workforce.

Lindsey Pollak, a millennial workplace expert, said that this generation grew up watching their parents working hard only to see accumulated investments vanishing in times of recession. Millennial value the company mission and work culture the most and also want to feel proud to be associated with their organization, on social media and elsewhere. Pollak has developed an education campaign to help millennial understand their strengths and protect their potential.

Research from Bentley University’s Center for Women and Business also revealed that millennial are less likely to tolerate unpleasant work culture than previous generations.

In addition, millennial are honest about their shortcomings and they know where they need training and mentoring to unleash and prepare themselves to apply those skills to the workplace. At the same time they are also confident about their leadership and technology skills.

The Hartford Research mentioned that if employers are willing to facilitate continuing education and training resources, this generation could be proud to be incredibly loyal and productive.

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