Microsoft Corporation Unveils Cortana, Project Spartan and Xbox One gaming in Windows 10

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Yesterday Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) formally announced the latest edition of its Windows 10 Operating System and showed off the newest features. Windows 10 is scheduled to be released at a later point this year. Microsoft has received and incorporated millions of comments of feedback from customers through the Windows Insider program, which allows customers to try out the preview build of Windows 10.  The company says that the feedback has helped them gather more ideas that will suit the majority of its customers.

Service Not a Platform

Microsoft calls its Windows 10 a service, not a platform. To prove its commitment, the tech giant has announced that all users who runs the original copies of Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows RT and Windows 7 on their PC’s will receive a free upgrade to Windows 10 within the first year of release. The support for Windows 7 based users is also a great testament for Microsoft who is trying to build good-will after Windows 8 was considered a flop.

Microsoft has made some design changes in its Windows 10 start button. The company says that users can now expand the start menu to a full screen Modern UI mode, based on their choice. This mode will be particularly useful if the user is using a tablet, or when detaching a tablet 2-in-1 PC. Microsoft has also refreshed its Action Center that provides system and social notifications. The Action Center can be swiped in from the right, and can provide users a shortcut to turn on WiFi, Lock Rotation, Volume, Settings, Tablet Mode and more.


Microsoft has officially introduced and integrated its personal digital assistant Cortana into Windows 10. Microsoft says that Cortana will be placed next to the Start button, and can be called upon by voice, similar to what you do with a Windows Phone. Users can ask Cortana for any information such as stocks, weather, flight details, and traffic by voice or by typing words.

Additionally, Cortana will be able to search for your local files and apps within the PC, Microsoft Store or in Microsoft’s cloud based One Drive. Microsoft says that Cortana for Windows 10 learns from all its user’s previous searches, and gives suggestions based on their interests. Also, users can ask Cortana by voice to play their music tracks, or ask to keep quite that mutes the audio. Furthermore, users can ask Cortana to send an email, and dictate the content of the email to Cortana, who can even recognize symbols such as hashtag by voice.

Project Spartan: New Web Browser

Microsoft has officially revealed its next generation web browser project called Project Spartan that will be used in Windows 10 smartphones, tablets, laptops and PC’s. Project Spartan will be based on a new rendering engine that blends in with the modern web coding of today. Microsoft says that users can use a digital pen, their fingers or their keyboards write short notes, or mark an important content within the Spartan browser.

Additionally, Microsoft mentions of a “page freeze” option that lets you copy the content to the clipboard, or to your One Note, or share the content through applications. To deliver users a more enhanced reading experience, Microsoft has provided a “Reading Mode” that gives the users a clear view of the content in the webpage, by turning the two end sides of the content to black.

Microsoft has also included Cortana in its Spartan web browser. The digital assistant can help you in your searches. Microsoft says that if a user searches for a restaurant, Cortana will show the user how far its destination is, and further help them to choose what kind of food is right for them by providing the specific content of each dish available.

Xbox One

Finally, Microsoft has now given its Xbox One users the ability to stream and play Xbox One games to any Windows 10 tablets, laptops and desktops, with the use of the Xbox app. Users will be able to use their Xbox One controller, and play in their Windows 10 PC’s. Microsoft says that gamers will also be able to record the gaming sessions, and start a live chat within the Windows 10 PC.

Release Unknown, Available now through Windows Insider Program

Microsoft has not announced the availability of its next preview release, but asks users to check in to the Windows Insider program for updates, and encourages new users to sign up for the program to help provide feedback to make Windows even better.

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