Facebook Inc (FB) Needs To Be Appreciated As It Tries To Kill Bogus Stories And Scams

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is out to clean its house and improve user experience by eliminating some offensive content shared in the News Feed. The company will crack down mainly on bogus stories and phony contests. At least, it seems the company has noted the frustration of some of its users who get bombarded with misleading and deceitful posts and links.

Facebook announced that it will work to reduce distribution of contents that users have flagged as inaccurate or deceitful. The company will mainly target contents that users have reported a high number of complaints. Such could be photos, videos, links, and status update. Even for unreported content, Facebook will also look into the posts that many people have chosen to delete, because such is an indication that the shared content is causing annoyance among its users.

Satire and humor content spared

Although Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) seeks to crack down on bogus stories and scams on its platform, the company stated that there should be no worry for legitimate the publishers that share satirical contents. According to the company, people do not usually complain about satirical posts or links, and such content will not suffer the crackdown on hoax stories.

Users to help deal with the menace

The measures to reduce distribution of offensive content will ensure that Facebook users enjoy their time using the platform. Facebook wants to give the power to identifying intentionally misleading content to its users so that they can report on such and have the company take a relevant action.

In the latest house cleaning move, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is obviously trying to give its users another reason to stick with it. Annoying contents are known to put off some users and Facebook does not wish to have anyone left out of its wide social network because more users means more revenue for the company. The move continues the company’s push to give users more of what they care about and less of what they don’t.

Facebook currently boasts about 1.35 billion users on its main application. Its other social platforms such as WhatsApp and Instagram are adding more users too. WhatsApp, which Facebook acquired late last year for nearly $22 billion, recently reported having more than 700 million active monthly users. Facebook expects WhatsApp to contribute to earnings once the mobile messaging app reaches 1 billion users.

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