Google Inc (GOOGL) launches Chrome Remote desktop for Apple Inc. (AAPL) iOS devices

google remote desktop

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has released an application called the Chrome Remote desktop for iOS users that will allow them to remotely access and control their Windows or Apple PC’s from their iPads or iPhones. In order for the remote access to work, users will need to install and run the Chrome browser and the Chrome Remote extension on their Windows or Apple computers or laptops.

For additional security, iOS users will need to enter a PIN code to grant access to their PC’s. After the authentication is done, users can access any file and folder on the PC, execute any app, watch movies, and surf the internet from the PC’s existing browsers and watch flash based content that can’t be played in normal IOS devices.

Previously last year, Google first launched the remote app for the Android platform only. Now that Google has launched the app for IOS platform, daily Chrome users for Windows and Apple desktops can get their remote access up and running from their iPads or iPhones. It’s yet to be seen if Google will deliver the Chrome Remote app for the Windows Phone platform.

On the other hand, there already exist many alternatives for the Chrome Remote app, such as the famous known TeamViewer app that’s popular among offices and schools, Splashtop which even offers fast remote streaming for remote PC gameplay, Microsoft’s own Remote desktop app to connect to Windows computers, and LogMeIn Remote services.

Although Google currently competes against Apple’s products with the Android OS mobile platform and devices, Google has been friendly to provide cross-platform support of their exclusive Google Android apps for the iOS platform, such as Hangouts, Gmail, Google Maps, Google+, YouTube, Chrome, Google Drive, Google Play Books, Google Play Music, Google Earth, Google Translate and more.

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